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Become a Better Version of Yourself and Reach your Greatest Potential.

Clinical Psychotherapist, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Self Confidence Expert
A Contemporary, Unique, Accessible private practice providing Optimal individual, couple, family, group therapy, and coaching in Chicago since 2008.

Are you the person you hoped you would be? Are you where you want to be at this point in your life? Do you fee "you are not good enough?'' Are you a perfectionist; fear abandonment; at times feel like a fraud? Feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, depressed?
Struggling with your relationships? Wishing you could find someone to have a meaningful relationship with? Do you compare yourself to other's & feel you come up short? Has your drinking or drug use increased and have you wondering if it may be a problem?

We all face blocks, challenges, and struggles, no matter how successful we are on the outside. I work with you, including adapting to your busy schedule with my expanded office hours, to help you bust through those blocks and achieve all of your dreams.

You can have the career you want, the family you desire, the relationships you long for, and the dreams that you covet if you do the work. Therapy is part of that work, and I want to be your partner in making that happen.

I combine the most effective forms of traditional and evidence-based therapy for each situation, cutting through the jargon to share the essence of how each method can help you. I tailor my treatment plans to what will work best for you.

A handful of techniques I draw from include CBT (and variations on that including Schema Therapy and DBT) as well as psychodynamic psychotherapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and Gottman couples therapy.

My approach is collaborative. We will begin with an evaluation and assessment to identify your strengths, areas for potential growth, immediate problems, desires, personality, communication style, and long-term goals. Armed with this information, we can work together to first give you relief from immediate pain and stress and then work towards life-long change.

Coming to therapy means that you have taken a huge step to create the life that you want. I take that seriously and am committed to assisting you in your own growth and transformation.

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Addressing Life Imbalances

Our modern lifestyle has made it different to respect the boundaries between, work, life, and play, which can lead to serious life imbalances. In all areas of life, your ability to resolve conflict, have satisfying relationships, living a healthy lifestyle, communicate clearly, and regulate stress are important to live a successful life success. It is essential to address life imbalances to create an optimum equilibrium between your life and work. When you have imbalances between these different areas of life, it can cause mental, physical and emotional health problems. For some people, it can also take a toll on their relationships. These life imbalances can often cloud our judgement, analytical skills, and ability to reason. Recognizing life imbalances can be challenging, but taking professional help through therapy is one of the most effective options. As a trained and experienced psychotherapist, I have helped hundreds of clients address their life imbalances. My therapy is not only a counseling session, but a comprehensive solution to recognize and solve your problems. I incorporate a complete set of effective tools and promising approaches based on the principles of psychotherapy to help you achieve that perfect balance. Addressing these life imbalances will bring back peace in your life that you have been looking for. Addressing your life imbalances will help you live a happier and more productive life. If you are struggling with life imbalances today, please know that I would love to hear you out and tell you more about which type of therapy will help you. Just give me a call at (312) 899-1120 and let’s talk about it.

Invest In Yourself

As an experienced therapist, marriage counselor, and life coach, I admire every single individual who finds the courage call me for an appointment to get support. People ask me for help for their relationships, families and themselves. People often put themselves after everyone else, and place themselves on the bottom of the heap. You may be investing your loved ones’ lives, their career, their education, and their wishes. Most people forget that loving yourself is as important as loving others – you invest in yourself when you believe you are worthy of investing in. People who invest in themselves have the wisdom, healthy self-love, and self-awareness that is always inspiring. Taking positive action for your growth and well-being by getting professional help immensely improves your life. You need to take care of yourself too, because you also deserve happiness, love and success. I want you to know that I see you. Your happiness and well-being matter just as much as everyone else’s. You deserve to cultivate healing and growth for yourself, and you need the space and time to rest and reset. As a trained psychotherapist and life coach, I am here to listen to you and help you find the happiness, love, and success that you deserve.

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