Of upmost importance is the development and maintenance of the relationship I will hopefully share with you. Thereby my approach diverges from tradition, initial and follow up sessions are longer than customary (75 minutes). I have found that the extra face time allows us to truly get to know one another and collaboratively work as team to address your unique situation and goals for therapy. My goal as a therapist is: 1. To use my clinical expertise and our interpersonal collaboration to facilitate change and growth. 2. Integrate my knowledge of cutting edge research in relation to your concerns. 3. Weave that in with “who you are” as a person, your preferences, cultural background tapping into the plethora of your existing resources, strengths, talents & gifts. To do this, I will continuously monitor your outcomes on a session-by-session basis, making adjustments to treatment as needed. WHAT YOU WILL GAIN in Working With Me: *Identify connections between your underlying emotions (root issues) and negative actions. *Learn empowering skills and tools to decrease reactivity, anxiety, depression, perfectionism; establish healthy boundaries. *Make lasting change in thought and behavior. *Increase self awareness *Attain self-acceptance; enhanced self-esteem; and relational skills.

Depression can be so challenging that sometimes it gets hard to handle even the basic day to day tasks. Seeking help from a professional with the right type of psychotherapy can immensely help you treat it. Most people get confused between normal feeling of sadness and depression, which often worsens an underlying problem. Depression symptoms can include something as mild has occasional melancholia and something as severe as debilitating outages of energy, hope, and meaning in life. Sometimes, you can also experience addiction, self-harming behaviors, anxiety, anger, OCD and many other symptoms. These symptoms can worsen with time if not addressed correctly. Professional help and psychotherapy can bring long-lasting and promising results with reduction of symptoms. As a trained and experience psychotherapist in Chicago, I use a systemic approach and effective tools that significantly improve the way you think, feel, and act. I have successfully helped many people overcome severe depression, and each unique experience has helped me learn immensely. From chronic sadness to complicated bereavement, I have helped people overcome the hardest challenges with psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a proven way to treat the dreadful symptoms of depression, and science proves that it works better than medication. It would be a pleasure for me if I can help you through depression or overcome a history of depression in any way. My therapy is always client-centric and personalized to treat the most approachable problems first for instant improvement in symptoms.

Are you feeling mentally, emotionally, or physically disconnected to your partner? Reached a communication barrier? Do you feel as if your partner is unaware of your needs or takes you for granted? Can you not recall the last time you were intimate? Unable to compromise; or constantly fighting about finances; families of origin; etc.? Feel as if you are two ships passing in the night; the spark warning? Every individual and thereby every couple is complex and unique, thereby, I often integrate a myriad of evidence based approaches including the Gottman Method; Emotionally Focused; Collaborative Couples; and Solution Focused Therapy. To help you navigate the intricacies, challenges in your relationship. Working as a team, we will begin by establishing the vision you have for your relationship. I provide a safe place, for you to be present with each other, attain insight and learn communication, conflict management, affective listening, and ways to manage yourself in the presence of another. In addition to skills to: self soothe; compromise; work as a team; express your wants & needs; and enhance your friendship. Allowing the opportunity to transform conflict into enhanced intimacy, not only with your partner but with yourself. This process requires mutual commitment, time and energy. Pre-marital Counseling; Sex Therapy; Separation and Divorce Counseling are also offered. Please reach out to learn more.

Our modern lifestyle has made it different to respect the boundaries between, work, life, and play, which can lead to serious life imbalances. In all areas of life, your ability to resolve conflict, have satisfying relationships, living a healthy lifestyle, communicate clearly, and regulate stress are important to live a successful life success. It is essential to address life imbalances to create an optimum equilibrium between your life and work. When you have imbalances between these different areas of life, it can cause mental, physical and emotional health problems. For some people, it can also take a toll on their relationships. These life imbalances can often cloud our judgement, analytical skills, and ability to reason. Recognizing life imbalances can be challenging, but taking professional help through therapy is one of the most effective options. As a trained and experienced psychotherapist, I have helped hundreds of clients address their life imbalances. My therapy is not only a counseling session, but a comprehensive solution to recognize and solve your problems. I incorporate a complete set of effective tools and promising approaches based on the principles of psychotherapy to help you achieve that perfect balance. Addressing these life imbalances will bring back peace in your life that you have been looking for. Addressing your life imbalances will help you live a happier and more productive life. If you are struggling with life imbalances today, please know that I would love to hear you out and tell you more about which type of therapy will help you. Just give me a call at (312) 899-1120 and let’s talk about it.

As an experienced therapist, marriage counselor, and life coach, I admire every single individual who finds the courage call me for an appointment to get support. People ask me for help for their relationships, families and themselves. People often put themselves after everyone else, and place themselves on the bottom of the heap. You may be investing your loved ones’ lives, their career, their education, and their wishes. Most people forget that loving yourself is as important as loving others – you invest in yourself when you believe you are worthy of investing in. People who invest in themselves have the wisdom, healthy self-love, and self-awareness that is always inspiring. Taking positive action for your growth and well-being by getting professional help immensely improves your life. You need to take care of yourself too, because you also deserve happiness, love and success. I want you to know that I see you. Your happiness and well-being matter just as much as everyone else’s. You deserve to cultivate healing and growth for yourself, and you need the space and time to rest and reset. As a trained psychotherapist and life coach, I am here to listen to you and help you find the happiness, love, and success that you deserve.