Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is like a mirror to the soul. It allows us to look inside and see ourselves as we really are. Using therapy as mirror, we can acknowledge what changes are needed to help us grow and become content. Do you Struggle With: Anxiety? Depression? Self-Esteem? Substance Abuse & Addiction? Body Image Issues? Reactivity? Sex-Related Issues? I am here to provide the help you need. We all have things we would like to get off our chest, but cannot seem to say even to those closest to us. Quite often these are the very things robbing us of joy, holing us back from becoming the best version of ourselves and reaching our unlimited potential. Individual counseling promotes healing, growth & development.

Invest In Yourself

Taking the time to address the deeper underlying issues impacting your overall wellness benefits your entire self. This, in turn, benefits your business. For example, you might have underlying insecurity that others in your life don’t see but that holds you back from taking real risks. By working with a coach, you can grow your self-esteem foundation in a way that empowers you to take those risks. Similarly, if depression, anxiety, and/or substance misuse are holding you back, working with a professional to release yourself from those hindrances can help you in all facets of your life, including the growth of your career.

Addressing Life Imbalances

It seems almost logical: if you slow down at all then someone else will leap over you to a higher rung on the ladder. However, counterintuitive though it may be, taking time to make your life more well-rounded and satisfying overall can actually have immense benefits for your career. At a very basic level, you simply can’t live on adrenaline and drive alone forever. At some point, your body or mind will give out on you. Maybe you’re already using cocaine or Adderall to try to regain the energy you had when you first started out on this path. Or perhaps you just find yourself distracted, unfocused, and frustrated by the limitations of your current state of life.

Couples/Marriage Counseling

What I Hep With: communication breakdowns; broken trust; lack of intimacy & sexual difficulties; chronic fighting; inability to compromise and much more. What You Will Gain: Find a vision for your relationship/marriage; communicate in ways that make you feel closer; create mutual admiration and meet one another's needs; work through sexual issues; attain effective ways to manage conflict. How I Help/My Approach: I integrate two methods of couples therapy, The Gottman Method is based on over 40 years of research. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy has the highest success rate of any other approach for helping couples.